How did I get here?

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How did I get here?

Post by Johnny l on Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:11 pm

Look where my hand was...Bonus points for you music trivia buffs on the lyrics. Whatever. Hey, anyone flying in Sunday? I'm debating flying in instead of driving but need a ride up. Lost the last one in the divorce but well worth it. Tried calling up there but all the Swimelars come up as unlisted. WTF? Never figured out the mentality of it. Trust me, if someone wants to find you, they will. The line's long and deep to get me (especially in Spokane). I'm listed three ways from Sunday and if anyone wants a piece, come get some.

Anyway, would appreciate a posted response now that I've asked nicely...or at least as nice as I can be...I AM READY FOR THE SMACKDOWN BOYS.

J Law

Johnny l

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